10 Things I Want to Know Before Traveling to Iceland

ICELAND IS a really TRENDY DESTINATION and as you do not wish to make the very same mistakes as everyone else on your journey, we have compiled a quick list of things that you ought to know before going like that. Here are 10 things that you have to know about before seeing Iceland.


1. Skip the Blue Lagoon.

It is pricey (over $60 USD per person), you will need to reserve beforehand, it is crowded, and you can find many more colorful regional pools that cost a portion to relish. If you are heading from town and to the north of the nation, make certain not to overlook Grettislaug, a natural hot spring situated between the hills and the sea which only prices 1.000 ISK ($10) to go into.

2. Weather changes dramatically and quickly in Iceland.

Make sure you dress in layers and always anticipate rain! Additionally, when driving, do not forget that weather mountain biking is considerably different compared to the weather in sea level. At the winter, though there might be no ice on the street in Reykjavík, it is possible to bet on it creating an appearance as soon as you depart (so make confident your lease car has”spikes” on its tires!) . www.surewin365.com

3. Don’t go crazy searching for the Northern Lights.

The Northern Lights are easily visible in Iceland in winter, but the majority of men and women believe they’re visible all of the time. This isn’t the situation. When traveling about Iceland, and particularly when driving in Iceland, it is important to not forget to keep your eyes on the street instead of up towards the skies. Trust me, even when the Northern Lights are outside, you will not have the ability to overlook them.

4. Harðfiskur is your best snack .

You’re able to purchase big or snack-sized luggage in pretty much every grocery shop (such as Bonús) and gasoline channels (such as N1). It is somewhat on the expensive side (only under $10 USD to get a bite bag), but recognize it’s essentially a whole fish in a bag, also will keep you full for hours! Even though it’s tasty, Harðfiskur is somewhat tricky to eat: you want to tear off strips of this fish that takes a surprising quantity of gusto. Hot tip: smear a little bit of butter onto a strip. You will see why.

5. Just take the weather and street conditions seriously.

“Low-key hurricanes” are pretty ordinary here, particularly in the wintermonths, plus they have a remarkable effect on driving and road conditions. There have been innumerable accidents and even deaths since road and weather conditions weren’t taken seriously. Iceland has an superb warning system set up for all these things, nevertheless, and you’ll be able to learn all you want to know about vedur.is and road.is.

6. See in winter.

Though these pictures do not lie (Iceland is that stunning ), don’t overlook that Iceland from the wintertime is equally, or even more, magnificent. Another reason to go to Iceland in the winter would be to see just how Icelanders do New Year’s Eve; there’s nothing similar to it. If you are in Reykjavík, the whole city skies illuminates with tens of thousands of fireworks which people set off out of their own powers!

7. Rent a vehicle, and find the additional insurance.

The leasing companies will ask you if you are going to be driving off, if you are going to be driving with all the windows down, even if you are going to be driving mountains. You’ll reply yes, and yes. You may take the extra insurance which you’re provided, which includes but isn’t confined to”auto insurance” which protects you from the inadvertent high-speed pebble along with the dent which is going to result from it. Iceland has a rocky, often-punishing surroundings, and lots of its roads are unpaved, seriously potholed, jagged, and breathtakingly lovely. That having been said, it is not a location for a leisurely drive; it’s a place for experience, and stress doesn’t have any place in experience — thus get the excess insurance. You will be happy you did.

8. Don’t take a taxi to and from the airport.

If you don’t would like to lose $100. Keflavík Airport is a very well-run facility and also their shuttle service is evidence. The trip will cost you 2.700 ISK (approximately $25 USD), which is not bad considering that the driveway from the airport to city centre is about 45 minutes. Make sure you enjoy the free WiFi onboard!

9. Gas stations do not accept charge cards.

If you remember to deliver anything in your visit to Iceland, then don’t forget to make a debit card. Gas pumps don’t accept cards with no pin code. You won’t need to bring much cash, however, as almost everywhere in Iceland accepts cards (even favors them to money ).

10. Keep your gas tank and bite bag complete… always.

A climate such as Iceland’s is more likely to dramatic changes in weather, and poor winter storms frequently reduce visibility around the streets almost zero. The very last thing you will need will be stuck onto a street somewhere, low on food and gas. “You will never know when we will be stuck,” she clarified. 2 hours later, we were sitting across the side of the street using all our hazard lights blinking, and my belly was starting to cave with appetite — she had been correct.